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Locals find out why laying the groundwork is important to support a growing community
Piritahi, our civil works partner, has been laying the groundwork in preparation for new homes and a…
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Oranga whānau learn to harvest and cook homegrown kai in free workshop
In March, Oranga Kai Ora Gardens and Compost Hub held a workshop aimed at helping beginners learn ev…
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Teaching whānau how to grow, harvest, and cook their own kai
If recent years have taught us anything, it’s the value of living sustainably and self-sufficiently.
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Kai Ora community garden
Did you know that right here in Oranga we have a lovely and very productive community garden?
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Oranga Development designs and implements innovative stormwater system
In the early stages of neighbourhood development, Oranga’s stormwater design team pioneered an innov…
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Urban walking festival comes to Oranga
The Urban Walking Festival, an annual Auckland-wide event, celebrates local people strolling through…
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