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Live in a great little central suburb that’s on the rise.

On the rise to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) is a lovely little central suburb many Aucklanders have never heard of. Nestled between Onehunga and Ellerslie villages, close to one of the city’s treasures – Cornwall Park, and with a friendly and welcoming multicultural community, Oranga is a hidden gem. With all of this going for it, Oranga is simply too good not to share. A major redevelopment of the area is now underway. This revitalisation will see upgrades to streets, parks and infrastructure. Aging state housing will make way for around 1200 new, high-quality homes so that more people can enjoy this neighbourhood’s central location and charming, tree-lined streets with views to Maungakiekie and the Manukau Harbour. Don’t miss your chance to buy while Oranga is still more affordable than its neighbours, One Tree Hill and Ellerslie. 

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What stage are you at on the home buying journey?

Find out how to buy a home in Oranga by clicking on the phases below
  • Phase 01 DREAMING


    You’re probably keen to buy a home for several reasons. You might be sick of paying someone else’s mortgage, you might want to put down roots, or you might be looking for a safe and secure home for yourself or your whānau. Whatever your reason, here are some tips that will help you get started on your journey:
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    You’ve dreamed of buying a home for some time. Your conclusion is that buying could be possible. Now you’re in investigation mode. You want to know what you can buy, where you can buy it and for what price.
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    You’re getting closer to knowing where you want to live and what type of property you can buy. You may have spoken to a real estate agent and attended some open homes. You might even have some idea of what you could borrow from the bank.
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  • Phase 04 SEARCHING


    You have your finances, grants and schemes organised and pre-approved or you may even be fully approved. You know how much you can spend, what type of deposit you have and what type of home you can afford. You may have secured a First Home Loan, First Home Grant, or First Home Partner, and you may be using your KiwiSaver funds as part of the deposit to buy your home. If you’re looking at KiwiBuild, you may have been to some open homes and spoken to the builder or developer that is responsible for building them. This is the phase where your journey starts to get exciting.
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  • Phase 05 READY TO BUY


    You’re coming to the end of the home buying journey. It’s time to finalise your home purchase and move in. Now that you’re a homeowner you have new expenses to think about such as rates, insurance and your mortgage.
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