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Live in a great little central suburb that’s on the rise.

On the rise to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) is a lovely little central suburb many Aucklanders have never heard of. Nestled between Onehunga and Ellerslie villages, close to one of the city’s treasures – Cornwall Park, and with a friendly and welcoming multicultural community, Oranga is a hidden gem. With all of this going for it, Oranga is simply too good not to share. A major redevelopment of the area is now underway. This revitalisation will see upgrades to streets, parks and infrastructure. Aging social housing will make way for around 1200 new, high-quality homes so that more people can enjoy this neighbourhood’s central location and charming, tree-lined streets with views to Maungakiekie and the Manukau Harbour. Don’t miss your chance to buy while Oranga is still more affordable than its neighbours, One Tree Hill and Ellerslie. 

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  • Phase 01 Starting out

    Starting out

    Plan your long-term goals and begin thinking of ways you can start budgeting and saving.
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  • Phase 02 Preparing & applying

    Preparing & applying

    Learn about the options and opportunities for getting your deposit together, find out how much you may be able to borrow and understand the different steps to having your home loan approved.
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  • Phase 03 Searching


    Discover everything you need to know about house hunting and get tools for finding the home that’s right for you.
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  • Phase 04 Buying


    Navigate the process of buying your first home, learn about different offers and sales methods and work towards the long-awaited move-in day.
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  • Phase 05 Settling


    Find out about finalising your home loan structure, arranging home insurance and tasks to complete before you take ownership of your new home.
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