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  • What’s happening in Oranga?

    The Oranga Development will bring around 1,200 new warm dry homes to Oranga over the next five years. The development will provide a great choice of available housing, and some new and improved streets, parks, public spaces and infrastructure. New homes will bring new people to the area to invest in and contribute to the community. This is good for local businesses and schools. Around 400 social homes will be replaced with around 400 social homes and 800 market and affordable homes. The medium density development is aimed at supporting Auckland to grow as a modern, thriving, compact city.

  • What is happening with infrastructure upgrades?

    Our civil works alliance Piritahi has started utility (water, power and telecommunications) upgrades in Oranga, they have completed the undergrounding in part of Waitangi Road, Treasury place, Nissan Place, Gambia Place, Edmonton Ave, Roosevelt Ave, Melville place and State road; continuing in these areas in 2022. This involves digging trenches to replace old pipes, undergrounding power lines and once the undergrounding of services are complete they will be improving berms and footpaths and installing new streetlights. Traffic management will be in place for the safety of road users.

    For any questions please contact Piritahi on 0508 PIRITAHI or oranga@piritahi.co.nz

    Click here to check out our video about these works and how they’ll benefit the community.

  • Why is social housing being built first? Why are you not mixing the social and market housing together?

    Stage 1 and 2 of the development will be social homes, with future stages focusing on private and more affordable housing. Doing it in this order provides homes for Kāinga Ora tenants affected by the development, allowing them to stay living in the neighbourhood.

    Our masterplans ensure we have a balance of housing types and mixed communities, while still retaining decent-sized land holdings. This means that the opportunity to redevelop the land will still be available if there is a need for different housing outcomes in the future.

  • If relocated during the development, can existing Kāinga Ora customers return to Oranga? What if customer’s don’t want to return?

    Kāinga Ora implements a ‘Choice to Return’ policy for our social housing customers. This means that if a customer is relocated as part of our development work and would like to be rehoused in their current community, Kāinga Ora will try to make this happen. Alternatively, if a Kāinga Ora customer is happy with where they are relocated there is no requirement to have to move back again. At the heart of everything we do are the people living in Oranga - Kāinga Ora has a dedicated Tenancy Rehousing Team that supports customers who are relocating as part of the development work.

  • When will homes be available to purchase off the plans?

    We’re anticipating homes will be available to purchase off the plans early next year. We will keep you updated on progress. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for regular development updates here on the website and be the first to know when homes are available for purchase.

  • What financial products are available to help me buy a home?

    Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities provides schemes and grants to help you own a home. The Kāinga Ora first home decision tool is an easy way to find out which products you could apply for when you’re ready to buy, you can find it here: kaingaora.govt.nz/home-ownership/first-home-decision-tool/.

  • What is happening to the old houses that are being demolished?

    Old social homes that are no longer fit for purpose will be removed or demolished. Where possible, old houses are relocated to a new area to serve a new purpose. If we are unable to remove a house (often for safety or practical reasons) our team will recycle as many materials as possible. Some materials aren’t able to be recycled. This is for a range of reasons, including the presence of asbestos or where materials are in a state of disrepair. We are working across all of our developments to find sustainable, ongoing solutions to recycle well.

  • What happens to the trees in the neighbourhood? How are trees managed?

    We work hard to carefully balance the need to build new housing with preserving the existing physical make-up of the neighbourhood. We actively seek solutions that may enable us to keep trees that have been consented for removal.
    Factors that contribute to planning around existing trees include:

    1. The development plan
      Where do we need to build new homes and infrastructure?
    2. Condition of the trees
      Are they in poor condition or a pest species?
    3. Condition of the land
      What’s underground? Can trees be removed and replanted?

    We work with mana whenua, arborists and landscape designers to develop planting plans. Our planting plan always includes replanting more trees than we remove, with an emphasis on planting natives.

  • Why are some of the cul de sacs being opened up?

    As works progress throughout Oranga Development, you’ll notice that some of the neighbourhood’s existing cul-de-sacs will be extended to join adjacent streets. One of the main reasons we’re connecting cul-de-sacs is to improve safety. Currently, pedestrian paths at the end of these streets are narrow and have poor visibility with high fences and large hedges on both sides. By opening up these cul-de-sacs, pedestrians will have quicker and safer access to amenities such as the local shops and Fergusson Domain. This improved connectivity makes it easier for people to find their way across the neighbourhood, and allows more efficient access for emergency services, vehicles, bicycles, scooters and prams. There are lots of other benefits too, such as increased space to plant trees, the ability to place power lines underground and extra car parking. The new streets created during this work will also enable more street frontage addresses and less long driveways for some of the new, warm, dry homes coming to Oranga.

  • What’s happening with Ferguson Park?

    Ferguson Domain is mostly the responsibility of Auckland Council, however Kāinga Ora is working closely with them to ensure that it’s enhanced. Where Kāinga Ora owns land next to an entrance to the Domain, we are engaging with Council about small land swaps that will allow the entrances to be made more safe and attractive.

    Where Kāinga Ora is building housing alongside the Domain, it will be designed to increase the safety of and access to and from the Domain.

  • Will there be new shops or facilities?

    Kāinga Ora is working with existing business owners to improve their shopfronts and ensure they are aware of our development plans. Street upgrades to Waitangi Road will improve the public space near the existing shops. Kāinga Ora has land near the Oranga Avenue shops and is looking at ways to complement the existing business with opportunities for additional commercial/retail spaces.

  • Will transport plans improve? What about increased traffic in the area? Will there be enough parking?

    We’re working alongside Auckland Transport and others to improve walking, cycling and public transport networks to give residents better transit options. We’re also looking for ways to improve streets and community amenities to get walkways, streets and parks to work better for the community. Some of the new homes will include on-site car parks. We're looking to provide a good balance between the number of homes and carparks in the neighbourhood.

  • Will the schools cope? How will the development impact in school zoning?

    We work with the Ministry of Education and local schools to assist with managing school rolls that are affected by development plans.

  • How can I find out more about the timeline for the project and any updates?

    We will share information as we go, through newsletters, email updates and here on our website. We also have an information centre, at 34B Oranga Avenue, where you can pop in and chat to the team, or, contact us on info@orangadevelopment.co.nz.

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