The project is being run by Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities. We're leading the largest urban regeneration programme in New Zealand's history. We use our country's precious land well, deliver quality homes quickly and build communities with a sense of belonging.


In 2019 Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities was established to bring together the people, capabilities and resources of Housing New Zealand, KiwiBuild and HLC - a company that was founded in 2006 to develop the former Hobsonville airbase into a new township, Hobsonville Point. Kāinga Ora’s Urban Development team is leading a multi-billion dollar urban regeneration programme that will transform suburbs and communities across the country. Our vision is to increase the supply and choice of new, high-quality housing, and to support and strengthen communities as they grow. We achieve this by partnering with industry, the local community, and agencies such as Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and the Ministry of Education.


We’ve built a development model that allows us to deliver large-scale housing projects at an industry-leading pace. The Hobsonville Point project began in 2011 and is on target to deliver 4,500 homes for 11,000 residents by 2024. Northcote Development will deliver 1,500 new homes; Mangere Development, Roskill Development, and the Tāmaki Regeneration around 10,000 each; Oranga Development around 1,100; and Porirua Development around 4,000.


Getting houses built quickly and well is not enough on its own. Whether we are masterplanning a new community from scratch, as at Hobsonville Point, or building upon an existing community, as at Mangere, Roskill or Northcote, our goal is to create great places to live. That means adding to the urban environment in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for the people who will make those communities their home – both today and for future generations.


Piritahi, a new civil works alliance, was formed in 2018 to deliver a $750m programme of work for Kāinga Ora over a five year period. The goal of the alliance is to streamline land development, free up constraints around building, and ultimately help make housing more affordable. Piritahi’s responsibilities are detailed civil design and construction; the removal of old state houses no longer fit for purpose; land remediation; arranging consents related to earthworks and infrastructure; and the construction of roads, parks and utilities.


Oranga Development

Early planning work is underway for the Oranga Development which will bring new warm, healthy homes to Oranga. Over the next eight years, the development will see around 335 old state houses replaced with around 1,100 new homes.

Hobsonville Point

Hobsonville Point in Auckland's Northwest is being developed on the site of a former Air Force base. The township will be completed in 2024, at which point it will be home to 11,000 Aucklanders. Housing is at a higher density than has been normal for a suburban setting in Auckland. The high quality of the homes and amenity has made it an exemplar of integrated residential development in New Zealand.

Northcote Development

Over the next five years, the Northcote Development will bring new homes and amenity to Northcote. Around 300 state houses built in the 1950s and 60s will be replaced by 1,500 warm, healthy homes designed for modern living. Four hundred of those new homes will be retained by Kāinga Ora for families in need. The rest will be offered to first time buyers and to the general market, with a focus on affordability.

Tāmaki Regeneration

We’re working alongside Tāmaki Regeneration Company to deliver New Zealand’s largest urban transformation project. The Tāmaki Regeneration will replace around 2,500 ex state houses in the suburbs of Glen Innes, Panmure and Point England to build around 10,500 new homes for Tāmaki tenants and private homeowners.

Roskill Development

The Roskill Development will deliver about 10,000 new homes to several neighbourhoods in the greater Roskill area over 10-15 years, expanding the number of state houses and delivering new market and more affordable housing. Development work has begun in the Roskill South and Ōwairaka neighbourhoods, with further neighbourhoods under consideration for the future.

Mangere Development

The Mangere Development will deliver around 10,000 new homes to several neighbourhoods in the Mangere area over 15 years. Development work has begun in Mangere West and Aorere, with further neighbourhoods planned for the future.

Porirua Development

Over the next 25 years we will work alongside the community, the Porirua City Council and the local iwi, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, in Eastern Porirua to replace approximately 2,000 state houses with around 4,000 homes and to upgrade infrastructure and amenity. The new housing will include state, market and more affordable homes.

Porirua Porirua