Keeping the kids motivated to get out and about

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As we near the end of our 4th week at Alert Level 4, getting outside to stretch the legs and get a little vitamin D becomes increasingly important for our mental and physical health. With Term 2 of school also underway, many of us will be navigating new challenges to our family dynamics as we throw home schooling into the mix.

If you’re looking for things to do while you’re out walking with kids, then check out the free virtual scavenger hunt #WeGotThisNZ on the GooseChase app. Kids can complete missions, which are fun little challenges that can be done both at home and while you’re out on your daily walk. The virtual scavenger hunt was designed by a team from Auckland Council, so you’re also taking part in a fun local initiative!

Grab some chalk from home and leave some happy messages or bright coloured drawings on the footpath for your neighbours to find.

Do you have reluctant little walkers? Try downloading the Pokemon Go app and watch how motivated they suddenly are to get out the door and ‘catch them all!’  

Turn your walk into an obstacle course. Jump over those cracks in the footpath. Run a circle around the tree. Walk sideways like a crab. Run fast, STOP! A great way to turn a simple walk into a listening (and tiring) activity.

Let the kids carry your phone or an old camera and give them a list of items to ‘spot and snap’ on the walk – a yellow letterbox, a chimney, a cat, a blue car – it’s a great distraction from walking and they can practice their photography skills at the same time.